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Tennessee Rescues

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Victor is in Nashville, TN.
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Victor is an extremely sweet, loving, and calm mixed breed. He has short
hair, is mostly white with black, and is about 45 pounds. He's been neutered
and is up to date on everything, and healthy. His only problem is that he
has a stereotypic behavior problem, similar to OCD in people, which causes
him to attack his own tail and back legs. We have seen some improvement with
medication, but he has been kennelled all the 3 months since we rescued him,
and there is simply a point beyond which he cannot improve in a kennel
situation. At least part of the problem seems to be close confinement.

We love Victor and would gladly bring him home ourselves, and have tried
repeatedly to make this work out. However, although he gets along great with
all the dogs at the kennel, he cannot get along with our intact male
Airedale. An additional problem, just as serious, is that Becket's mere
presence causes Victor to do his behavior 10X more than he normally does
(which is rarely when we are around) (the behavior is triggered by stress or
emotion). Again, he has not been like this with any of the spayed females at
the kennel -- he even lived with one for several weeks -- nor with neutered
males or even intact males at the kennel.

What Victor needs is some way out of the kennel so that we could see how he
would do in a more normal setting. He'd get along great with a spayed female
dog. He needs control over his space when no one is home, b/c confinement
seems to make him worse -- a dog door from a fenced yard into a baby-gated
kitchen would be ideal. A farm situation might work.  He loves all people,
but because of the nature of his problem, we are concerned that he might
inadvertently injure a child, so he should be in an adults-only home.  It
would be great if his new family had a flexible schedule so he wouldn't have
to be alone all day.

I am a professional dog trainer, and would provide assistance with the
behavior modiciation and training Victor needs.

Victor loves long walks, tummy rubs, and all human beings.  He so much wants
to live a normal life and be a regular dog.  Can you help?

Please contact Elizabeth at (615) 244-7071 or if you'd like to discuss Victor.  And
please visit his webpage at:

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